A Future For LocalFoodMap.Net

LocalFoodMap.Net continues to attract new members slowly, but at its current rate of growth will not become the Google of local food for a long time to come.

We feel that the future of this project does lie in collaboration with a like-minded organisation which is prepared to promote this web-portal.

We are seeking ideas from you as to how we can continue to go forward with our plans.

As from the beginning, the aim of LocalFoodMap.net has been to promote local food production by making it easier for suppliers and buyers to find each other. We believe that promoting local food encourages more interest in sustainable food production, and ethical food production.

We believe that laws prohibiting farm-gate sales of meats, eggs and dairy are undemocratic and create an unfair advantage to large distributing companies,  These laws make distributors less accountable to quality and ethical production. Only when consumers can see the way their food is produced and choose their source can they be empowered to use their spending power as a catalyst for a sustainable ecological and ethical economy. One of the aims of LocalFoodMap.Net is to raise issues of food injustice and campaign for the democratic right to buy and sell food uninhibited by regulations.

So this is where I open the floor to suggestions.

What can LocalFoodMap.Net do differently to make itself more useful to you?

Do you know any like-minded not-for-profit organisations that may be interested in acquiring/helping/be helped by LocalFoodMap.Net?

Do you have any other related suggestions/comments?

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