A New Look

Well doesn't this look different!

Different also being better I hope.

The new localfoodmap website should now work much better on mobile devices with smaller screens, as I know all you food yuppies out there have iphones or Androids or whatever fangled gadget that is the latest trend, and you want to be able to wiz-bang your way around the country in your Prius, sampling cheeses and wines.

You might also note that it is easier to find your way around, and easier to get back in to make updates to your subscription or farm details.
No, I am not letting you have your own password - you will choose something like '123456' or 'letmein' - (the latter was my first ever email password!). But you can make it remember you, so you won't need to log back in each time on the same device.

In general it is just looking a bit more 21-hundreds, with groovy fading in popunders and rounded corners, - as you know: with no froth it would just be substance, and who these days wants that?

Comment By: Kerry Whitfort 1:05PM 27/7/2013
Great new look, but information email was hard to read due to the colours.
Comment By: Gordon Rouse 5:15PM 28/7/2013
Thanks for that feedback - I have checked gmail, and the green background seems to be showing where it should not!
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