Ban high-calorie drink for toddlers

Please support the petition to see Pectus-lac-lactis® banned for promotion to toddlers, infants and young children.

Petition To Ban Pectus-lac-lactus®

Pectus-lac-lactis® is being promoted to parents of infants and toddlers as a 'health & energy drink/food' for very young children, yet this drink is very high in calories, containing more calories than coca-cola.

More than 50% of the calories in this come in the form of fat, and that this fat is mostly the "bad" fats - ie saturated fats.

This "toddler's energy drink" is very high in cholesterol and about 600mls would contain a young toddlers daily sodium requirements.

The promoters of this "energy drink" like to sexualise this product, depicting young women with bare-breasts or scantily covered breasts feeding a child this product.

Furthermore, I am aware that the production of this "energy drink" is very unregulated, with no hygiene standards being applied. Many samples report high levels of bacteria far exceeding that recommended by World Health Organisation Standards. Similar products are controlled by strict hygiene regulations, but Pectus-lac-lactis® seem to have found a loophole that allows it to be made available for infants and toddlers without any quality control.

In this age with so many young children developing obesity at an early age, we the signers of this petition believe that these type of high-energy drinks are inappropriate for infants and toddlers, and that promoters of Pectus-lac-lactis® should be banned from promoting this product for young children, toddlers and infants.

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