Farmgate Milk - Russian Roulette?

Well the FSANZ have some up with their figures on how unsafe your milk is and according to their model:

"In 100,000 servings of raw milk, the review predicts "The burden of illness after retail purchase was predicted to be less than 1 case of campylobacteriosis, 97 cases of EHEC, 153 cases of salmonellosis and up
to 170 cases of listeriosis (in a susceptible sub-population). The estimated number  of cases are per 100,000 daily serves of a mean daily intake of 540 ml of milk to a child"

So how did they come up with this figure?

It is really hard to know, but we know that they looked for rates of pathogens found in milk from studies from around the world. Some of those studies were from the USA where we know cows live in little cubicles with just enough room to swish their tail. Another such study was from Porta Rica, which I know nothing about.  So after assuming that the milk that comes from your cow is no different to the milk that comes from a cow on the other side of the world living in squalor. They then made educated guesses as to how many cases of illness this tainted milk would create if drank raw.

Do I need to debunk this?

Ok, for the sake of filling up this page with words.

The question I want to know is, how many pathogens are found in the milk of a cow that is raised on pasture, by caring organic farmers who are careful in milking knowing that their milk is to be drank raw by themselves, their children and their customers?

FSANZ do not have any answer for this, they simply assume from the worst figures found in peer-reviewed research land that milk is milk is milk is filthy is ugly is full of germs.

It has taken nearly two years to get this far, the milk industry is worth zillions of dollars domestically and internationally, why the freakin can't we answer this question?

Why can't we ask Mr and Mrs Smith of Fish Creek  to give FSANZ a sample to test every week to see how safe their milk is?
How many organic dairy farms do we have in this country?
How many of them would be willing to have the safety of their raw product tested for evaluating the potential of commercial raw dairy in this country?

Please, stop the guess work and do some real science on real milk. Or is FSANZ afraid the answer might not be what they want it to be?

FSANZ are seeking submissions and responses to their second assessment reports.

If you wish to make a contribution here, then this is the place to start:

FSANZ 2nd Assessment Report

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