Heart Foundation takes a knock from the ABC

ABC Catalyst takes on Heart Foundation/Unilever/Statins

If ABC were to announce that their science program "Catalyst" has been shelved, then you can bet the reason is last weeks and this weeks up coming episode.

Last week, the ABC became the first major Australian television broadcaster to dare take on the diet-heart hypothesis, the ridiculous theory that saturated fat consumption is a contributing factor in high-cholesterol which in turn leads to atherosclerosis and heart disease.

The show pulled no punches, it took a side, and went with it. It had to, with the Heart Foundation representatives interviewed using their opportunities to support their theories with futile appeals to their authority and tradition.

Needless to say the Heart Foundation Lobbyist are seething. The Foundations sock-puppets were putting their comments on Catalysts forums decrying the pseudo-science and conspiracy theories of the show. Claiming the experts were shoddy, claiming a huge body of evidence that required special experts to interpret, but all empty of anything looking like real scientific evidence. The foundation's website posted an article claiming Catalyst's report was dangerous misinformation.

But this was the cries of a big huge powerful lobby group shocked by the sting of a flea. They didn't expect this, and they are wrong-footed, but they will fight back. They have money and backing from most of the food industry and drug companies. This weeks episode on Statins is sure to further ruffle the feathers of the powerful and you can bet they will avenge every word spoken against them.

I would suggest that you watch these episodes while you can, and keep an eye out for the coming attack against the ABC, Catalyst and cholesterol skepticism in general.

The first episode:
Iview: Catalyst episode (not a permanent link)

Transcripts and forum:

The response begins:

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