Make your own - how to boat card

With the election coming up, and all those "how to vote" cards being printed for you to consume, it is only right that the more conscientious might want to make their own "how to vote" card, something that reflects how they want to think.

With that in mind, I have made my very own "how to boat" card, that represents the ideas that will drive my boating/voting this election.


How to Boat This Election

To fold up one of my "how to boat cards" print off the PDF above, and fold according to:

In step 1, fold the printed side in and the text and images will come out where they are meant to in the end.

Take your "How to Boat" paper boats with you to the polling booth, and before the party goons can hand you their glossy paper, you say - I have my own, and hand them yours!

Better still, hand out your "How to Boat" boats at the polling booth to the unsuspecting citizen.