The Traffic Cop with a PHD

How do you become a doctor of nutrition? Study hard and write lots of stuff about food and nutrients to impress people before you?

How do you become like Pope of nutrition (ie Rosemary Stanton) where your word is gospel, and people go to you for quotes when they want to know what is true and what is false?

But most of all, how can you be so respected for your wisdom yet be so blantanly denying the hard-evidence that is destroying your entire belief systems? How do you maintain the evils of full-fat dairy products, saturated fat and salts when it is so demonstrably false?

If Nutrition-god Dr Rosemary Stanton has her way, you will see traffic lights on the foods we buy at the supermarket. (Hopefully the foods we sneak over our back-fence will be exempt).  The closest thing to real milk that can be legally bought will then display a red traffic light to scare away consumers towards purchasing the low-fat standard milk.
Will you be able to find some good quality cheese that is not tainted with the red traffic light? Probably not, unless it is very low in fat and salt - and who in their right mind would buy this horrible resemblance?

Currently, my little one has developed a taste for Greek yoghurt, unsweetenned, but with 9% fat, I hope the nutrition police don't catch me going through this traffic light!

So Why is Dr Rosemary Stanton wrong in tarnishing full-fat dairy products?

In a study of 347,747 subjects and over 11,000 cases of strokes and Coronary Heart disease, there was no correlation between consumption of saturated fat and development of Stroke or Heart-disease.

evaluating the association of saturated fat with cardiovascular disease

So how the jeepers, can you conclude that we need a traffic light system to warn us away from full-fat dairy products? Of course, Dr Stanton's doting followers will assume you can magically explain this away, and that this study was just a big greasy fluke. Good luck!
Perhaps it is some form of Voodoo Science that allows you to build theories in nutrition by confusing the public and grasping to the scant evidence that supports the theory?

If so, Dr Stanton will also need it to dismiss this study as well:

Sodium intake and mortality in the NHANES II follow-up study

78.9 million people studied for salt consumption and risk of heart disease and total mortality, and what did they find? Nada! well that is being kind, they actually found the high-salt consumers were dying less.

So when our kindest big Government listens to Dr Stanton's advice and puts a wacking big red light on my favourite gourmet goat cheese, will there be something resembling evidence to prove that I will be healthier consuming the low-fat cottage cheese - (that tastes like a calf's vomit?)

Or is evidence just something us little pathetic food bloggers worry about, and not the sort of thing a person with PHD need get their hands dirty with!

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